Randon Ramblings on a Tuesday!

Happy Holiday’s!

So, I put the Christmas tree up at work and it made me feel a little better. Love Christmas and getting everyone in the spirit! I’m pretty sure I’ve caught some sort of cold because I’m stuffy as hell and I was sweating up a storm while doing the tree. WTF, I swear I get sick this time of year EVERY DAMN YEAR! What gives immune system?

Thinking it’s going to be a coffee kinda day! Coffee and I’ll just ramble about nothing in my blog today! I really have to get into the habit of writing every day! I’m so far behind on my NaNoWriMo, I’m not sure I’ll finish. I need some kind of whirlwind writing sprint to catch me up! But I do have 4 full days off to tote around the iPad and write wherever I am.

I want to finish this damn book already! I just read my friend Scruff’s and it’s really good, I mean it’s really good! I guess I should pour another cup and fire up the book doc and see what kind of inspiration hits me. That’s the problem; I need inspiration to get out of this funky block I’m in.

Ahhhhh, (Sound of drinking a tasty cup of coffee). Here it is Tuesday before Thanksgiving and it just occurred to me that I will be spending my FIRST holiday with my boyfriend (BF for short). I’m both excited and confused because it’s been so long since I’ve had to think about being with someone for the holiday’s I have to clue what I should be doing.

So damn excited to be spending the Holiday’s with the BF, I’m even happier to be able to say I HAVE A FREAKING BF! How cool is that! After the shit-storm that was last year. I deserve all the happiness I have right now.

Ta for now


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