One-Word Inspiration. Hope

Day Three: One-Word Inspiration – Hope

This one reminds me of the daily prompts, as they give out just one word and you write on that one word. Day three’s words are; hope, regret, home, choice, secret, abundance. Choosing one of those words will be difficult as they all call to me and I could write something with them all.

I will not push myself and do just that, but I will pick just one word and run with it.

The word that keeps calling to me the most is Hope. I like that word very much. I had lost all hope that I would ever be completely happy again. I had aspects of my life I was happy with, but me and hope were not on very good terms on my end. It would creep up on me and some days I felt I had hope. Just before I met Mr. Darcy, I was ready to give up on the dating thing. I gave up on hope and succumb to the notion that being single and lone was just going to be my thing.

I had internal dialogue with myself that it wasn’t meant for me, and I was becoming OK with that little by little each day. Every time I was told to not give up hope.

Hope is a very powerful thing, it’s also very dangerous. We can cling on to the hope of something that in every aspect it shows you is not right for you, but you somehow cling on to a little bit of hope that whatever it is you want is right there just out of reach and this could be that one time, THE TIME that you finally reach it.

I had that kind of hope and it almost destroyed me. In all honestly, it DID destroy a part of me. Using my strength, I began to build myself up again and then Mr. Darcy came into my life. He’s the best thing that has ever happen to me.

Best Wishes ~S

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