Not an Expert.

It’s been a while; I’ve not had much happen that is worthy of writing about.

I’m not expert at this blogging thing, and my life is far from exciting to be posting every day. I sit here and mull over what I should write to update anyone who reads this, IF anyone reads this at all.

The topic is expert. As I started I’m no expert at this blogging thing. I’m not even sure if it will go farther than what it has gotten. But, it’s my little space in cyberspace and I enjoy entertaining that thought.

I did spend the good part of whatever time I’ve had between answering the phones and doing work, reading over a few blogs and I will say there are some really talented people out there. I can only hope to someday strive to be as entertaining as they are.

Most of my posts are serious, not all but most. It’s hard to be light when you are talking about mental illness.

I’m not expert in mental illness however, living with a mental illness makes you an expert at YOUR life with the illness. It isn’t something that defines you. Nor should it be something that you let control your life. I’ve read book after book on Bipolar disorder and anxiety, depression you name it. I’ve tried method after method and I have enough writing pads and journals to fill a medium size box and some.

The best thing that I advise people when they come to me and tell me they have been diagnosed with such and such. Or they in general tell me about their conditions I ask if they journal. I think it is the best way to keep track of your progress and to get out all of those nonsensical thoughts that fill our heads day in and day out.journal-1090599_640

I also advise them to look into the gratitude stuff. When I was in the hospital that was the big thing they were throwing at us in our group sessions. Living a life of gratitude. It’s so much harder to be miserable, but it seems that being down and miserable is more comfortable to people that being happy which is our natural state of being.

I have days I have to remind myself to smile, sometimes I just don’t feel like it, but I do. It always makes me feel a little bit better and it generally leads to a genuine smile and a good conversation.

directory-466935_640Having this diagnosis changes nothing about who I am. Nor should it change who you are. It’s only a tool in which we have to better understand who we are and learn how to live. Those of us with illnesses, mental or physical. We learn new ways of getting through life. As no one is the same, so why should a cookie cutter way of mulling through your day work for everyone.

Embrace who you are, embrace it. Embrace your uniqueness.

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