New Year, let’s get reacquainted, shall we?

Let’s get reacquainted, shall we?

It’s a new year and although I’m definitely a new me, it did not start at the beginning of this year. My last post I was just beginning a new relationship. I have to tell you dear readers, I found my Mr Darcy! Yes, I can honestly say that he’s Image result for mr darcythe one. I love him more than anything or just about anyone.

I’m still getting use to being a part of a couple, we are learning more about each other every day and each day I wake up more in love with him than I was the day before.

I wanted this to be a different new year update post than my previous posts, as it’s been a few months since I even written anything other than lists and whatnot. Even Mr. Darcy (that’s what we shall refer to the boyfriend from here on in the blog), asks why I’ve stopped writing altogether.

I’m not really sure why I stopped, I don’t journal like I use too either. I kind of forget to make time to get my thoughts down on paper or computer. There seems to not be enough hours in the day for me to complete everything I want to get done, but alas I am reorganizing my life to make room to write, spend time with Mr. Darcy and my new adventure crafting with my new fancy Cricut machine.

What is a Cricut machine?

It’s one of these. It’s a fancy machine that can cut out cards and vinyl letters, if you go to the website here. It will give you an idea of what the machine does.

I love this machine and I’ve only touched the surface on what it does. I follow some amazing Facebook groups and see all the cool things that are being made and I can’t wait to do some of those things myself!

What’s new for 2017?

Well, we are half way through the month of January and like I mentioned before I’m reorganizing and making time for my old activities as well as new ones. Mr Darcy and I are going stronger and stronger by the day.

We both made a pledge to each other we would eat healthier and learning to as well as dealing with these intense cravings when you take out the bad foods are a difficult yet at the same time enlightening.

I think my keyword for this new year is “healthy”.

What I mean by that is not only physically but keep up being mentally healthy as well, 2015 was a shit show at best and it is not something I ever want to relive, nor do I care if I ever speak or see those people again. I’ve grown and learned from my mistakes and experiences.

I hope I can regain my readership by posting more this year, gaining readers and interacting is something of a goal for this year. As is finally finishing my book, let me tell you writing a book is a lot harder than one would thing, at least for me it is. I have hit a block in where to go with the story, so I’m hoping to pull from real life and insert it into my story.

I’m going to go ahead and end this here, I will keep all of your readers updated! Be on the lookout for my Daily Prompt posts that I am going to start participating in from word press. They will be under a different heading! So I might get into posting more than once a day!

All my best, ~S




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