Dear Reader…

Dear Reader,

My last update was the day I found the love of my life.

No, it is not the guy I mentioned in that post that day. I found someone new and even though it may be a little fast. It’s perfectly right in all that matters.

He’s handsome, thoughtful, caring, loving, and most of all he treats me like a Princess! That’s right, you read that right, I’m treated like a Princess, I would say Queen, but we’ll work our way up to that one!

It’s been a whirlwind 3 weeks so far and we already know we love each other and want to marry each other. I know, but it’s only been 3 weeks. To the day since you first met him. When you know, you know. I spend my free time with him and I thought I would not find happiness or love after the year I had last year.


It’s almost magical. 

It truly is wonderful. I have to start to plant my feet back on the ground as I have other projects I’ve been neglecting and I want to be able to announce them soon.

I wanted to keep you up to date. Let you know I’ve not forgotten about you!

All My Best



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