Day Two, Making lists.

Making a list

So, the prompt for day two of the writing challenge is to make a list. I’m not good with lists. I blab on way too much to be a list writer, although I do make the occasional grocery list, however with technology, I use app for that! HA! Anyway, yeah, they gave us a list of things to make a list about, Things I like, Things I’ve Learned, Things I wish, Things You’re Good At.

I can work with one of those. I must do at least 15 things and set the timer for 45 mins, I can blab on about a lot of nonsense in 45 mins! So, I’ll shoot for the 15 things, this should be quite easy!

Things I like:

I like having a loving and caring boyfriend.

I like having such good friends in my life.

I like having a loving family.

I like Legos!

I like movies.

I like music, a lot!

I like myself and how unique I am!

I like art.

I like to craft.

I like to spend lots of time on Pinterest!

I like to play games.

I like to do puzzles.

I like feeling the sun on my skin.

I like to take long car rides and look at the scenery.

I like to write.

Ok, well 15 things and I still have about 20 mins left on my timer. Providing I don’t get interrupted. I could add more things.

I like Sherlock the series!

I like Dr. Who!

See, this list thing isn’t so bad. I do think it is important to do these kind of writing exercises. A daily prompt to keep your mind going and exercise your thinking skills and writing skills. I kind of liked day two’s prompt.

You will see me writing more often in the next couple of days, as I am trying to catch up on the days for my writing exercises. Plus, I want to try my hand at the daily prompts, no one said you can’t make more than one post in a day!

Thank you, dear readers, for staying with me! Much love to you all!

Regards ~S

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