Day 1, Writing for inspiration… here I go, again.

I don’t know where I’m going…

I started this blog because I wanted to put out there all my trials and tribulations with mental illness as well as just my everyday life. I wasn’t ready to be so raw and put everything out there as I had done it before and it caused a lot of trouble for me in a way that lead to some serious issues that needed to be dealt with outside of the world-wide web.

Starting fresh and new, I never really set any definitive goals for it other than to just write when the notion hit me. I got out of even writing in my daily journal that I keep at my bedside table. I had a brief stint of getting back into gaming and I met some fantastic people in that community, I don’t game as often but I keep in touch with them through twitter.

…but, I sure know where I’ve been

As the year started coming to an end and just after my birthday I met my Mr. Darcy! I mentioned him in a few previous posts and life as I knew it started to change. I became busy with things and life that writing and gaming altogether came to a halt. I got so caught up in my new life that I forgot to make time for the little things that I still hold important. Such as writing in the blog, keeping up with it and doing something with it other than using it as a waste of cyber space. I fell out of gaming as well.

The new year started and I’ve vowed to myself to get back to what I started last year, I will refer to 2016 as a rebuilding year, and in sports those years tend to get all wonky and disjointed and most don’t do very well.

Here I go again

Today I remembered that Word Press use to do these 101 classes, blogging 101, Writing 101, etc. you get the point. So, I picked the writing one to gain inspiration, as that is what the tag line and description state. The format is new and self-paced, you get an email of a topic every day and in this instance I am choosing to answer it on the blog.
As you will gradually see I’m quite witty in my writing, I’m like this in person as well, quick witted and sarcastic. At least that’s what I hear. I like to keep people on their toes and keep them guessing. Just look at the headers in my posts.

Tho’ I keep searching for an answer…

The first task for today is to tell, you readers, why I write. It is for several reasons, but most importantly I write for myself because it makes me feel better. If I have 2 followers or 2000 followers, I will continue to write because I enjoy it.
I didn’t write yesterday, I thought about what I wanted to write but I wasn’t quite as organized as I was today with my thoughts.

My hope is that you my dear readers will be entertained, informed and enjoy what I have to say, oh and a little interaction wouldn’t hurt as well! Thank you for reading,

Sincerely ~S


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