The Big Question, and what did I say?

I said… YES!

YES, I am ENGAGED! To Mr Darcy! My lovely readers, I said Yes, I will be marrying this wonderful man.
Photo Courtesy of Pixabay user TerriC

It has been a very long time and so many things have happened. It was super special and nothing big or flashy, it was perfect for us. I don’t need to splash all over how he asked, and really I’d like to keep it just between my family and close friends of the exact how. Just know my dear readers it was something I was NOT ready nor expecting!

I am having the time of my life, this is my best reincarnation of my life! I have found the one that is my match. (Secretly a form of a quote from one of my favorite movies, bonus points if you can guess it). I’ve never felt so much in love with someone.

He makes my heart happy! He is my other half and I think I already knew it since the first day we met.

Photo courtesy Pixabay user Alexas_Fotos

No official date has been set, I would like a fall wedding I love fall colors, the purples and burnt oranges are my favorite, along with greens. We also want to be married in the North in the state we are both from and where the majority of our family still is. Living in Southwest Florida, an autumn wedding would still feel like summer, ha!


As you can see I am full of love and have never been happier in my life as I am being with Mr Darcy! He is the one that completes me!

As far as my writing, I’ve had a bit of a dry spell, there are some things I’m just not ready to share with the entire world-wide web and that I want to keep private. Maybe someday I’ll write about them maybe I wont. But until then, I had to update the entire three readers that I have of the happiest day of my life so far! Until I walk down the aisle and become Mrs Darcy!



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